Cost of Vein Treatment

A guide to the costs of consultation and treatment. The prices quoted are per leg. Your exact treatment requirements will be discussed at your consultation.

A Guide to the cost of Varicose Veins Treatments

We treat all patients as individuals. A consultation will take place during which:

  • your consulant will listen to your concerns and what you would like treated
  • your consulant will talk to you about your medical history and perform a full examination
  • any findings will be explained to you and the cause of your varicose veins explained
  • nearly all patients with bulging varicose veins will require a ultrasound scan
  • a treatment plan for you will be planned and the treatment options discussed with you

The table below provides a guide to the cost of your treatment as your individual treatment plan will be taylored to you.

Description Price CCSD (BUPA) Code
Consultation with Consultant Vascular Surgeon £ 150 20300
Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan investigation of varicose veins (each leg) £ 150 IM269
Consultation including first sclerotherapy treatment session for flare / thread veins £ 295 20300 and L8690
Follow up sclerotherapy injection sessions £ 230 L8690
Foam injection sclerotherapy treatment with ultrasound for larger varicose veins £ 650 L8620
Varicose vein abulatory avulsions under local anaesthetic (LA)
(Includes all dressings, stockings and follow-up)
£ 895 L8510 (closest match)
Endovenous Laser / Radio-frequency ablation treatment under local anaesthetic and phlebectomies (single trunk)
(Includes all dressings, stockings and follow-up)
£ 1,895 L8512 / L8542
Endovenous Laser / Radio-frequency ablation treatment under local anaesthetic and phlebectomies (both long and short saphenous veins)
(Includes all dressings, stockings and follow-up)
£ 2,495 L8514 / L8540
Varicose vein open surgery and phlebectomies under general anaesthetic (GA) By quotation (as hospital fees vary) L8510 / L8520
Endovenous Laser / Radio-frequency ablation treatment and phlebectomies under general anaesthetic By quotation (as hospital fees vary) L8512 / L8540
Hyperhidrosis Botox Treatment £ 495 n/a

Self Pay

Many of our patients pay for treatment themselves as they don't have or want a full health insurance policy. Many health insurance policy also do not cover procedures they deem cosmetic.

The prices above are for patients that wish to self pay and are a fixed cost. Included in the prices is a follow-up appointment (if required) and incidentals such as dressings and compression stockings.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards but can also accept transfer by Internet / Online banking prior to your visit. There will be a £5 charge for cheques

Private Health Insurance

We operate as a private clinic so this clinic does not offer treatment on the NHS. However, if you have private health insurance it is possible your health insurance may cover some or all of the costs. Many insurance companies cover the treatment of vein disorders that are associated with substantial pain and other complications, but individual insurance companies may limit the types of therapy that are covered. Please check with your insurance provider.

All our consultants have full NHS practises. Your GP will need to decide if treatment for your varicose veins is available on the NHS and will also have to refer you to be seen. We know that flare / thread vein treatments are not funded at all on the NHS

For your conveience the table above contains the codes that your insurer might ask you for, when discussing your varicose veins. All the codes are for first time (primary) disease on one leg.

Our consultants are registered providers for

  • Aviva
  • BUPA
  • AXA / PPP
  • Health Online
  • Cigna
  • Vitality Health (previous Pru Health)
  • Simply Health

Arranging to see someone is easy. We even offer a free 10 minute vein consultation if you would just like to make sure a treatment can be offered.

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